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Executive Wellness

Does this sound like you?

  • I don't have time to eat right or exercise
  • I have trouble unplugging from my phone and computer
  • My stress level is high and I don't have time to unwind
  • I react to other people's demands at the expense of getting my own work done
  • I don't get enough sleep
  • I don't get a chance to have fun with my family and friends
  • I want to lose weight but have not been successful in the past

Chris helps busy executives improve their overall health and find more fun and rejuvenation in their lives.  This includes coaching executives around stress management, building capacity to cope and thrive under daily pressures, and improving physical health habits such as nutrition, exercise and sleep.

She uses the latest evidence based practices in positive psychology, neuroscience and holistic wellness to customize a coaching plan that promotes sustained change.


"What a pleasure and privilege it’s been for me to work with Chris Coward over the past four years.  In whatever role (as a colleague and as my personal coach), Chris has shown herself to be intelligent, insightful, honest, creative, competent, caring and always warm and supportive. Personally, Chris is always inviting me to be the best “Russ Bishop” I can possibly be/become. Chris has become one of the most trusted, important and valued relationships in my life." Russ Bishop, CFP, Chairman, Harvest Advisors

"I have found my wellness coaching sessions with Chris to be very helpful in several ways: I feel Chris listens well for content, but she also quickly gets my unique ways of processing decisions and helps me look at how I can make my approach work better for me. She has a good sense of humor, follows up with helpful resources, and is encouraging. I have made great progress in managing my time and reducing my stress.  I really feel I have a terrific ally in Chris!"  Carol Bowers





Chris@ChrisCoward.com  267.226.7935