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Team Development

Team Development is beneficial when you:

  • Are a new team and learning your individual roles and collective identity
  • Have conflict on the team
  • Have role confusion and are unclear about who does what
  • Want to clarify your team purpose and build on your strengths
  • Want to improve your team communication
  • Want to improve productivity and morale
  • Have new change initiatives impacting your team

Team Development with Chris and her select partners is customized to resolve your challenges and promote the health of your work team and organization.  Services range from a 1-day off-site retreat to a multi-day team coaching program designed to facilitate transformation through new insights and concrete action steps for team members.


"Chris's talents as a tuned in leader made the day a pleasurable learning experience for our team. Chris was able to use the activities with the ropes as a metaphor for the internal change that each of us was experiencing with the external change. Some new levels of trust were developed and people risked taking on new roles within the group. I would highly recommend Team Building with Chris.  Her skills as a leader excel when staff need to learn more about themselves individually and in relation to the group." Stephanie Epstein, Director, PCVS

We hired Chris and her partner to lead team building for over 100 attorneys from over 30 countries.   Despite this formidable challenge, Chris and Neill were able to craft and implement effective exercises that engaged everyone and by the end of the afternoon, the group had coalesced.  We received very positive feedback from the participants.”  EK, Associate Director of Graduate Programs, University of Pennsylvania Law School.


Chris@ChrisCoward.com  267.226.7935