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  • I am being asked to do more with less and less
  • I have trouble motivating my employees
  • I find myself working way more than I want to and am still behind
  • I can't find the time to have fun and take care of myself
  • I lack confidence in some areas of my leadership
  • I have difficulty "unplugging" when I get home from work
  • I want to be acknowledged for my accomplishments


You were hired for your current position because you were skilled and successful in your last job. Now your level of responsibility is high and performance expectations have increased. In working with hundreds of leaders and executives over the last ten years I’ve found that each step up the leadership ladder requires a new set of skills, better relationship management, more courage and a compelling vision.  Your health plays a crucial role in your success - this includes effectively managing your stress, building your resilience, and maintaining high energy levels.

Leaders that have been highly successful in their new roles learned how to get the best from their people, upgraded their skill sets and developed the courage to lead the team through change. This requires thinking differently than before, changing habits that don’t work for them, and being open to new perspectives.

Einstein said, “Problems can’t be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.”

You could take this journey to success alone and eventually get to where you want to go. However, I’ve found that having a partner trained in developing leaders and who understands your challenges will get you to your destination more quickly. Why take the long way?

"Chris is warm, supportive, intuitive, playful and an ally in my journey. She is an example of excellence in the coaching profession. From our work together, I developed more clarity on my goals for business development and created momentum that continues today." 

Margaret Ruff, President, Margaret Ruff          Consulting

With a 97% retake reliability, the CVI assessment gets beneath your personality and into your "hard-wiring."


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