with a coaching package from Chris Coward


Executive coaching

Executive Coaching is a six month to one year engagement consisting of telephonic or in-person coaching sessions, assessments and a process designed to transform the good leader into a great one.  Each client engagement is customized to fit the individual and organizational needs.

Coaching can also be delivered in a group setting for management colleagues interested in developing their leadership skills.  This is a great way to develop a culture of coaching in the organization as well as create an internal support system for leaders.

Leadership Training

Do you want to be the kind of leader who inspires, motivates, and truly influences? Learn new leadership strategies that will truly bring out the best in you... AND your team!

This program will help you build the confidence, skills and presence you need to lead your team to success. 


Team Development

Develop a strong and effective team with a tailored team development program. Team coaching is beneficial for amplifying teams who are already high-performing as well as enhancing those that function less effectively. 

Team development helps clients build upon the existing team dynamic and develop communication skills to overcome key challenges


Not Sure Which Package is Right for You?

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