Unlock Your Potential With Executive Coaching

Chances are your job is pretty demanding, and while you may be killing it at work you are probably left with limited time to devote to your own personal and professional development. Executive coaching provides a structured way  to develop and finely hone the vital skills and growth that are necessary for both you and your organization.

You may wonder "But I thought coaching was only for people who were performing poorly?" 

While the coaching of the past may have come with a stigma only offered to under-performing executives, the tides have turned and companies are choosing to INVEST in their top-tier executives with executive coaching that makes already high-performers truly unstoppable!

What Is Executive Coaching?


Simply put, Executive coaching is when an individual works one on one with an executive coach on both their strengths and weaknesses in order to streamline and fulfill their potential.

Executive Coaching develops potential, improves overall performance and puts you on the fast track for success. Amazing results happen through the development of personal leadership skills, tailored goal-setting, enhanced decision-making, and improving and streamlining of communications. 

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is beneficial when you:

  • Want to improve your ability to manage conflict

  • Want to build your leadership presence and confidence

  • Need to improve your emotional and social intelligence in order to get the best from your employees

  • Want to improve communication skills - giving effective feedback, acknowledging staff and delegating

  • Want to increase your resilience and overall health as a leader

  • Are open to new perspectives and ideas

How it works

Executive Coaching is a six month to one year engagement consisting of telephonic or in-person coaching sessions, assessments and a process designed to transform the good leader into an extraordinary one.  Each client engagement is customized to fit the individual and organizational needs.

1. INTAKE - Assessments, Goal Setting, & Developmental Planning

2. 10-12 coaching sessions including an in-person kickoff

3. Team Observation

4. Continued email and text support

5. 3-Way call with organizational sponsor if applicable


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Executive Coaching
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The coaching I had with Chris proved to be very valuable! I worked with Chris during a transitional time in my life as I was changing jobs. Having her coaching as a support during this transition made a huge difference in my adjustment to my new job. Chris coaches with love, honesty, and caring and transfers strength to her clients. She really made a large impact on the issues I was working through and completely coached my life to fulfillment! She is amazing, I highly recommend working with Chris.