Why 360 Feedback Is Important


Hi everyone, my name is Chris Coward, executive coach and leadership development expert. I am here to talk to you today about getting, as leaders 360-degree feedback.

What does that mean? It's an opportunity to get anonymous feedback from people in your organization that are above you, below you, it might be your colleagues or peers, and of course yourself is included as well.

There might be a structure to it. So there's some templates that people use like the leadership circle. There's many others out there. Or it might even be just qualitative feedback where a coach interviews all these folks and puts together their feedback in a cohesive way to present to you.

And so why is this important at all? It certainly takes an act of courage because it can feel a little scary to open yourself up to what others might be saying, want to say to you but haven't said it to you yet under the safety that they have now of being anonymous and report.

Why would we do this? If you are a leader who wants to continue moving up, get new responsibilities, make more money, be more acknowledged in your company then you need to know what area of growth you need to give attention to.

And so maybe that's a growth area of... Wow, I don't listen as well as I thought I did. And that's what people are saying. Maybe it's I don't think strategically according to some folks when I get their feedback.

And what I know is that with all the leaders I've worked with, the ones that have had some sort of 360-degree feedback have taken it seriously and implemented an action plan for themselves to grow, to get uncomfortable, and to change some habits in their leadership. They are the ones that get more acknowledged, tend to get promoted more frequently, and make more money.

It's something to think about, and encourage to get your feedback on getting feedback. I invite you to explore this for yourself and for your own growth. Have a great day.